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English for All

Operation Feed supports the English School. We have approximately 125 students from 6 to 67  years of age.  Classes usually are one day a week for a one and a half hour session. This is to help the teachers driving from all over Lakeside only having to commit to one trip each week. We are working on having two teachers for each group. That way there  are two sets of hands to help and when one teacher has an obligation, the other is there to continue teaching.

The move to our new building is helping with rainy day classes, but COVID has made continuity difficult. Our classrooms are small and inside, so we have to  carefully follow the government rules for holding classes.

The leaders of the school are Carol Curtis and Elle   Aenchbacher   and welcome interested people to visit the school or schedule a time for a tour and introduction to  our program.

Over the "stay at home" phase of the CoronaVirus, Ell and Carol have been preparing notebooks and lesson plans that are available to all teachers.  If you want to teach a unit on Animals or Jobs/Careers, we have it ready for your use.  And due to the generosity of Laura White and others, we have three printers ready for you to make copies right there at the school.

If you are able to devote your time to teaching, be sure to contact us by email or by contact form.

Thank you!


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