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Woman Cutting Fabric

Shopping for yourself, or shopping for gifts, you'll be helping the sewing team provide for their families.

Operation Feed's micro businesses help women earn money to support their extended families. 

We provide most of the materials and equipment through donations.  Support from the Operation Feed volunteers is given to help them understand what will sell, the quality needed, and how to market.

All proceeds earned from a sale goes to the team or the individual seamstress.

The Sewing Team is composed of 11 women who, right now, are supporting their extended families which number 87 people.  In many cases, the men are learning to be house-husbands while the women are sewing.  They are ensuring that their parents, grandparents, sisters and brothers all have enough food to survive this crisis.

Led by Miriam, the sewing team has developed skills and accessed their natural creativity. They are now making many items that are instantly useful or creatively beautiful.

*Don't Burn Yourself ... bowl protectors
*Door Snakes ... to keep dust and insects from coming under doors
*Dogs Beds
*Dog/Cat Fun Mats ... searching for the treats
*Reversible Handbags ... washable 
*Specialty Clothes ...Check out what they can do with a t-shirt

Plus they will repair, hem, add a new zipper to your clothing in need of repairs. 

Sew Good Store San Juan Cosala 
Support our Micro-business Owners

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