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Operation Feed, as of March 2022, now operates a Clothing Center for its families to shop for free clothing items. It is housed in the original section of Viva Mexico Restaurant located in San Juan Cosala.


The Clothing Center is the brainchild of Cheryl Kennedy and Janine Kirkland, and serves over 175 San Juan Cosala families. In past years, prior to the opening of the center, Operation Feed conducted two seasonal (Winter/ Summer) clothing giveaways.

Opening the center allows families to acquire clothes each week as needed.

Operating hours are every Thursday (after despensas are distributed) from 9am to noon.
Clothes are donated to the center from a number of sources: Individual clothing donations, local bazaars, consignment centers, and funds from individuals who have tagged monies to be used to purchase clothes for the center. Janine and Cheryl travel to Guadalajara to purchase second hand
clothes and shoes with funds donated for this purpose. Families that are served by Operation Feed are able to shop for men, women, and children’s clothing, shoes, pajamas, & underwear etc. Each family is allotted a certain number of items according to the number of family members in their household. Families with five or less may select 10 items needed per month, households of more than 5 are allotted 20 items a month. Shoes, pajamas, underwear, handbags do not count as their monthly allotment total, but are an addition and are limited in number per 6 months, as they are
the least often items donated or in stock. One pair of children’s shoes, 2 adult shoes, 4 pj’s, 4 underwear, 1 handbag are allotted per 6 months.

Approximately eight volunteers work sorting, organizing, hanging clothes, and assisting  family members as they shop.

These ladies are tireless and dedicate many hours of their week to make this available to the families served by Operation Feed.


Some of our Needs:

1. Additional volunteers that can work sorting and organizing clothes Tuesday mornings (2hrs) to prepare for Thursday and/or Thursday (9-12) during operating hours.
2. Clothes and shoe donations are always needed and gratefully accepted. Greatest clothing need is typically children’s and men’s shoes, men, women and children underwear, infant to teen clothing, and men’s size small shirts and pants.


If you are interested in volunteering your time Tuesday or Thursday please email (by clicking on a name) Pam Meade  Monetary donations can be made by contacting the treasurer of Operation Feed - Jon Seaborg 

If you have clothes to be donated to the Clothing Center you can email any of the following three ladies and they will be happy to arrange for pick up.

Janine Kirkland 
Cheryl Kennedy 
Pam Meade 


You can also drop off your donations at the restaurant in San Juan Cosala - Viva Mexico.

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Volunteers & Villagers

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