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Click on the heart to find out how the crochet ladies helped the Ukraine.


Meet the Crochet Ladies of San Juan Cosala 

The Ladies of San Juan Cosala Crochet & Knitting project was started in 2017.  It is a project of Operation Feed and was started to help the women of San Juan Cosala make money to help support their families while learning new productive skills and build self confidence and a sense of self worth. They all take pride in every item that they make. 

We do custom orders.  If you have a picture of something that you would like made,  we can make it for you. If you found something on Pinterest, we can make it for you. If you have an idea for something you want made, we can make it for you.  We will give you a quote before we start the project. 



The Ladies and their work appear at shows where they sell their crochet items.

Do you have an event at which you'd like to have the Crochet Ladies

bring their work to sell? 

Contact us now!

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Help our ladies make additional income

Knitting/Crocheting to Earn a Little Extra

Through this project, we have learned that expats don’t need to teach the women how to crochet. It’s a craft that has been passed down from grandmother to mother to child. And if a women doesn’t know how, the others will teach her. The women are given a photo of the item and appropriate materials for free. Then they just look at the photo and voila! The items is made beautifully. They are amazing.


Please contact Janine Kirkland If you have a project or item that you would like made or if you have yarn and/or beads to donate to the Crochet Ladies.

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